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Asbestos is found in thousands of Building Materials where it was added because of its resilience, tensile strength, non-corrosive qualities, non-conductive qualities, fireproof ability, acoustic quality & others. It is found in vinyl flooring, drywall texture & joint compound, attic insulation, HVAC ductwork, transite siding, plaster walls, boilers, VAT flooring, roofing, ceiling panels, pipe lagging & many, many more. It was studied and Asbestos Fibers were determined to cause different respiratory illnesses like Asbestosis, Lung Cancer & Mesothelioma. To be of a significant health concern these fibers must be inhaled. Certain activities disturb the matrix of building materials such as demolition, renovation, grinding, drilling, sanding, air erosion, vibration, physical contact & others. These activities can cause the fibers in the Asbestos to become air borne. This is when Asbestos poses the most significant health risk. By hiring a Certified CDPHE Building Inspector to identify, determine location & description, determine friability & condition of all suspect building materials. By collecting samples & assessing the extent of any damages, potential for future damage & cause of damage.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 10.00.07 AMThe certified inspector then recommends appropriate response actions per EPA & CDPHE guidelines. The EPA & CDPHE also require a certified inspector to conduct an Asbestos Survey before demolition or remodeling activities. We also perform Project Design for larger projects & Air Monitoring to determine if Air Quality is within the regulatory standards. We can assist the homeowner, business owner, or public or commercial buildings are following & maintaining the appropriate regulatory protocols. We offer the finest quality & best service in Project Management & Over-site. We help to guide & provide clients with the most professional advisement & assessment of the situation at hand. We then implement the necessary regulatory requirements to resolve your Asbestos dilemma. It is through knowledge we conquer our fear. Fear is manifested by not knowing the appropriate regulatory action or health concern. Our experience & expertise will resolve your Asbestos Issues & eliminate all your fears. Our mantra is to “Protect the Public Health & the Environment”. It is a privilege to provide for the health & well-being of everyone affected or within proximity of any Asbestos Activity or concern.